Gotham City howls with the cries of the innocent as a beacon shines through sheets of rain. A storm of shrieks billows like fire from the mouth of a cave as the monster of justice rages forth to answer the sirens’ call.

This is a tale of a child born in chaos and driven to villainy by his ideals discovering identity on the path of heroism.

This is the tale of boyhood and wonder giving way to sacrifice and wisdom in a brave young man who will never know a normal life.

This is the tale of a warrior defined by her decisions and dedication learning to share resposibility with a family she didn’t intend.

This is the tale of an old man clutching to a lifetime of pain realizing his war will outlive him and his quest to find the strength to let go.

This is the tale of a battalion becoming a family and a legacy becoming a legend.

This is the tale of

The Dark Knights

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